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Why Do Spiders Come Inside Brandon Homes?

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Florida spiders are part of the state's ecosystem, but that doesn't mean homeowners want these pests in their houses. Spiders can frighten residents of Brandon, especially aggressive spiders that bite. Using over-the-counter products doesn't help much; call Friendly Pest Solutions instead. Our helpful technicians can determine what types of spiders are present and offer quality solutions for eliminating them.

What Kind Of Spiders Are There In Brandon?

Living in this warm climate can mean sharing the environment with many types of spiders and pests. There are dozens of spider species living in the Sunshine State, but only a handful are common in Brandon. 

  • Crab Spiders: As its name suggests, this type of spider resembles a crab in the way that it uses its legs and may walk backward and to the side. There are many varieties of this kind of pest. Crab spiders prefer to live outdoors but occasionally find their way inside homes. 
  • Golden Silk Spiders: These spiders are easily recognized by their brown and orange coloring, along with clusters of hair on their legs. They create sticky webs in Florida woodlands, native landscapes, and shrubbery. 
  • Jumping Spiders: These small creatures move quickly and don't use webs to catch prey. Instead, they chase after prey. Many of these spiders exhibit bright or shimmery colors.
  • Black Widows: While the other spiders in this list are harmless, black widows are not. Their bites can potentially cause serious symptoms.
  • Wolf Spiders: These hunting spiders chase down their prey. Wolf spiders are large and can blend in well with their surroundings.
  • Yellow Garden Spiders: If not so ominous-looking, people might be able to see the beauty of the distinct black and yellow coloring of these Florida spiders. This large orb-weaver spider spins extensive webs and prefers to live outside.

No matter what type of spiders you have in or around your home, it's best to use professional spider control to keep them away.

What Makes Spiders In Brandon Come Inside Houses?

Many kinds of spiders are content to live outside to soak up the sun and humidity that Florida offers. But if temperatures drop suddenly or a tropical storm gets to be too much, spiders could invade homes in search of shelter. 

Food is another attractant. When spiders have fewer predators and more prey availability, they can find the conditions suitable. 

Moisture can also lure spiders to the property. Since water is typically in no short supply in this region, spiders may find plenty of water outdoors. 

What Are Some Ways I Can Keep Spiders Out Of My Brandon Home?

When preventing a Florida home spider infestation, concentrate efforts on getting rid of other pests. Spiders may come indoors in search of food. Roaches, ants, crickets, flies, mosquitoes, moths, beetles, and all sorts of other bugs can lure these eight-legged creatures into the house. Get rid of these other insects to keep spiders away. 

It's important to keep the home clean. Stay on top of crumb control by wiping up after eating and preparing food and regularly cleaning floors. Disinfect surfaces frequently and empty household trash into a bin that stays outside and closes tightly. Remove webs if they appear in the home so spiders can't pick up their meals. Remove clutter so that it doesn't attract pests too. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Spiders And Their Prey In My Brandon Home?

Using over-the-counter products for spiders and oils that repel spiders may give homeowners a brief break, but the real problem will remain. Friendly Pest Solutions can take care of spiders permanently with our efficient service and abundant resources. Spiders have nowhere to hide in Brandon when our pest control technicians come on the scene.