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The Best Way To Keep The Ants In Brandon At Bay

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There is no denying that ants are annoying and abrasive pests. The question is, do they pose other problems when they invade local homes and properties? This is one thing we will be talking about today. We will also be discussing the best way to keep ants away from your Brandon home. To learn more, keep reading. For quick services to address an existing ant problem, call us at Friendly Pest Solutions. We will make sure you get a quick and reliable solution to your Brandon pest control problem.

Why You Should Never Leave Ants Untreated 

There are many types of ants that call Brandon home. Some are just annoying and only invade homes to steal food; others have the ability to cause harm to you and your property. Carpenter ants chew their way into water-damaged structural wood and can cause extensive damage over time. Fire ants build massive nests that sprawl across lawns and threaten people with painful stings. Pharaoh ants can carry harmful diseases which can be spread to humans. Even if the ants inside and around your home do not cause you harm, they will keep being a nuisance. If you start noticing these small insects indoors, do not wait to get them out. Invest in professional ant control to avoid all of the problems these pests cause.

Should I Kill Ants Around My Home?

Most people respond to ants indoors with a quick smack or whack from a nearby object. Two common questions are: “what kills ants?” and “should you eliminate these pests indoors?” If you only see one ant indoors, we recommend using a piece of toilet paper or paper towel to squish it and throw it away. Keep in mind that some species of ants will release an unpleasant odor when squished. For long trails of ants, use a cleaning solution and some paper towels. This will not just kill ants but will wipe up the invisible pheromone trail they are using to track in and out of your home. Regardless of how you kill ants indoors, no do-it-yourself elimination method will fully solve your problem. You need exclusion techniques and some form of professional ant treatment.

DIY Ant Control Can Be Dangerous

There are many reasons you should avoid DIY ant control. From what we have seen, ant pest control, when it is in the wrong hands, is either ineffective, dangerous, or both. This is because pesticides contain harmful chemicals. When used in the wrong locations and in the wrong quantities, pesticides can pose a direct threat to your health and the health of your loved ones and pets. A professional understands how to use ant control solutions so that they are effective and do not pose any risks to the health and safety of your family. 

Solving Nuisance Ant Problems In Brandon

In order to get and keep ants out of your home, you need professional pest control. For ant control in Brandon that you can rely on, look no further than Friendly Pest Solutions. We will pay your home a visit, perform a detailed pest inspection, and get you on a path to total pest freedom. Don’t let ants threaten your health, property, and sanity. Get our team involved and find the true benefits of total pest control.

Call now to schedule your Brandon home for a pest control visit. We will assess the severity of your ant problems and offer some solutions to get and keep these pests at bay.