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From damaging your property to the spread of dangerous diseases and parasites, pests can cause many problems for Florida homeowners. Since pests are a year-round problem here in the Tampa Bay area, if you want to avoid problems with these pests invaders, you will need to hire someone to take care of them for you. That’s where the pest control experts at Friendly Pest Solutions come in! At Friendly, we offer quarterly and once-a-year residential pest control plans that are designed to combat pest pressures during each unique season and our pest control treatments are safe, affordable, and eco-friendly, so you can rest assured that your home will remain pest-free all year round!

Residential Pest Control In St. Petersburg

You work hard to keep your St. Petersburg home in great condition and looking its best. That’s why it’s important to take measures to keep pests out of your house. Pests can damage your house and make your family sick, but with Friendly Pest Solutions, your house can stay pest-free. Our seven-step home pest control service provides effective and environmentally friendly solutions to protect your home and family.

Our Seven-Step Friendly Pest Solution System

Here at Friendly Pest Solutions, our residential pest control plans are reliable, effective, convenient, and guaranteed. Our home pest control process consist of seven steps to provide you with the best pest protection available.

Exterior Steps

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1. Visual Inspection. Prior to performing any of our treatments, our highly-trained service technicians will perform a visual inspection of your home and property. Because no two homes are the same or face the exact same pest pressures, our services are custom-designed to your specific situation.

2. Sweep. This step involves the removal of spider webs and other insect nests that are found around windows, under sills and soffit areas, and around garage doors and exterior lights. Sweeping these areas will knock spiders and other pests to the ground. In order for pests to rebuild their nests, they must now crawl past our liquid residual product that has been applied to the structure.

3. Exterior Residual Application. A liquid residual product is applied to the exterior of the home, around windows, under sills, and on all doors and other points of entry. Some product labels also allow treatment along soffit areas. This product can also be applied inside areas such as the garage, porch, and storage shed. We also apply it to any cracks, crevices, or access points that can be used by pests to enter a structure, such as plumbing or electrical entry points. Finally, we apply it to any nesting areas outside the structure.

4. Granular Bait. Granular bait is applied to all shrub beds within 25ft of the structure as well as to mulch areas, woodpiles, under heavy brush, along fence lines, under decks, in crawl spaces, and around storage sheds. Applying these baits around the exterior of the structure reduces the chances that pests will enter your home while searching for food.

Interior Steps

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5. Interior Residual Product. 

  • On our Quarterly Accounts, light dust is applied to wall voids in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • On our Once-A-Year accounts, light dust is applied to all accessible wall voids along all exterior walls. 
  • Light dust is applied under all kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as behind pipe flanges under the sinks.

6. Gel Bait Application. 

  • On our Quarterly accounts, a gel bait is applied to the back of wall plates in kitchen and bathrooms
  • On our Once-A-Year accounts, a gel bait is applied to the back of all accessible wall plates along all exterior walls. 
  • Gel bait application on the backside of the face frame of the kitchen cabinets. 
  • For lower cabinets, gel bait is applied by removing the top and bottom drawers and placing a small BB sized amount to the back or side of the drawer and also to the back and front corners of the cabinet itself.
  • Gel bait application to the plumbing flange under all sinks.
  • Gel bait is never applied where it can be seen.
  • In some cases, an attic treatment may be needed. Products that may be used in the attic consist of dusts or granular baits.

7. Crack & Crevice Application. A liquid residual product is injected into cracks & crevices around cabinetry work, windows, inside window tracks, where baseboard meets the floor tile, sliding glass door tracks, exterior door gaps and anywhere else where bait applications cannot be applied.

The Benefits Of Our Quarterly & Once-A-Year Plans

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Some benefits of choosing our quarterly and once-a-year home pest control plan to protect your Tampa Bay area home and property from pests include:

  • Non-intrusive and odor free. No sprays will be used on surfaces in your home and you won’t need to clean out your cabinets prior to treatment.
  • Comprehensive. Our pest control service includes treatment for cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, and most general household pests.
  • Family-friendly. We don’t spray the baseboards of your home.
  • Licensed and insured. Here at Friendly Pest Solutions, our pest control company is managed by a State Certified Pest Control Operator.
  • Professional technicians. Our technicians are the best and most well-trained in the industry and they have the best equipment to work with.
  • Convenient. Indoor treatments are only necessary during the initial visit for our quarterly pest control clients and only once per year for our once-a-year clients. You don’t need to be home during our outdoor service visits.
  • Great communication. We perform a complete review of the service after each visit.
  • Product rotation. To avoid pests building up a resistance to our treatments, we rotate the pest control products that we use.
  • Add-on services. In addition to our service plans, we also offer quality treatments for bed bugs, mosquitoes, termite, stinging insects, rodents, and wildlife pests.

* For more information on our professional bed bug control services, view our bed bug preparation checklist.

* If you’re interested in adding our quality termite control solutions onto your home pest control plan, check out our termite control page.

Our Residential Pest Control Process

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Effective Treatments

Here at Friendly Pest Solutions, our treatments are effective the first time because we employ the best technicians and pest control methods in the business.

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Safe & Environmentally-Friendly

Our products are environmentally-friendly and safe for use around your family and pets, so you’ll never need to worry about the products we’re using being unsafe.

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Guaranteed Service

If pests return between visits, we will too, and at no additional cost! Our quarterly and once-a-year plans include free re-services in between service visits.

Here At Friendly Pest Solution, Our Name Says It All!

At Friendly Pest Solutions, we strive to offer each customer a pest control solution that is tailored to your situation, needs, and budget. Whenever you reach out to us at Friendly Pest Solutions, our professionals will take the time to evaluate and assess your situation and then make treatment recommendations for your specific situation. When you partner with us at Friendly Pest Solutions, you’ll receive the friendly, professional service you want and the solutions to your pest problems that you need. Our name says it all!

To schedule your pest control consultation and inspection, give us a call at (813) 773-1854 today! We'll provide you with an honest assessment of any current or potential pest activity in and around your home along with recommendations addressing your concerns. For more information, contact Friendly Pest Solutions in Brandon, Florida!

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