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Ant Control 101: Tackling A Problem In Brandon

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Ants may be tiny in size, but they're mighty in numbers. These small insects can turn your home upside down after they've made their way inside. Fortunately, Friendly Pest Solutions provides Brandon's most effective pest control to eliminate massive ant colonies from your property. Read further to learn about these intrusive insects and why enlisting professionals with ant control can keep them away for good.

The Habits Of Common Ants

The top prize for the fastest-moving insect in the animal kingdom goes to ants. Ants travel faster than humans at 10 to 20 body lengths per second. People only move around three to five body lengths per second. Ants operate in large groups within a caste system where each member is assigned a specific duty. The two main castes include multiple female queens and male workers. The latter is responsible for guarding the colony, caring for the young, or finding food. Once they invade your home, ants leave scent trails for others to follow easily. That's why if you see one ant, there're many more nearby. 

For the most effective ant control solutions to eliminate these insects from your property, contact Friendly Pest Solutions for assistance. 

The Issues Ant Infestations Create In Homes

Although they're tiny, ants derive their strength from building massive-sized colonies. Their population could grow as large as 100,000 members. However, even small ant infestations can cause significant problems for homeowners. These insects can contaminate your food if they invade your pantry. Odorous ants can stink up your house if they're scared or feel threatened, while carpenter ants can destroy your wooden structures and interiors over time. With painful stings, fire ants can cause physical harm, and crazy ants can ruin your electrical devices. 

Therefore, if you've seen signs of insect activity around your property, contact professional ant pest control near you to schedule a comprehensive inspection.

Five Naturally Effective Ways To Prevent Ant Infestations

You're in luck for those who prefer a more natural approach to pest control. You don't have to reach for chemically-laden or potentially toxic products to keep ants from infiltrating your home. You can prevent these insects from making themselves comfortable on your property by taking a few simple steps. Check out the five natural remedies below that you could try today to start seeing immediate results:

  1. Cinnamon: sprinkle around ant hills and trails to suffocate them.
  2. Diatomaceous earth: apply a thin layer around your yard to dehydrate ants.
  3. Boiling water: pour two to three gallons on top of ant mounds. 
  4. Vinegar: mix with water in a bottle and spray on ant trails to destroy the scent and disrupt their ability to find food sources.
  5. Bay leaves: the bitter smell repels ants. 

Additional ant prevention tips include filling in holes, gaps, and cracks in windows and doors or sprinkling red or black pepper behind appliances and around baseboards. 

Call The Professionals For Total Ant Control

Although home pest control for ants may sound like a convenient and cost-effective way to eliminate an infestation, you could unintentionally make the problem worse. Partnering with professionals in pest management is the best way to ensure your pest dilemma is completely eradicated. Experienced technicians possess the background, use the newest technologies, and execute industry best practices to deliver optimal results.

With over 17 years of experience in the pest control business, Friendly Pest Solutions has been providing exceptional ant pest control that keeps Brandon's homes and businesses peacefully pest-free. We don't strive to simply meet customer expectations; we exceed them! Our dedicated team members go the extra mile to ensure you stay well-informed throughout the entire treatment process. Get in touch with us to request your complimentary estimate.