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In the United States alone, termites cause over $5 billion worth of property damage each year, so when it comes to protecting your home from termites, the only way to achieve complete protection against these wood-destroying insects is to invest in a termite control plan from your local pest control provider, like the termite control experts at Friendly Pest Solutions! To meet your termite control needs, we offer a variety of effective termite control options including Trelona® bait stations and Termidor® liquid treatments.

If you're looking to avoid termites problems on your Florida property, we can help! Through our effective termite control services, we can provide you with year-round termite protection, so you can rest assured knowing that your home is protected against costly termite damage! So whether you're dealing with a current termite infestation in your home or want to take preventative steps to avoid future termite problems, you can count on the team here at Friendly Pest Solutions to provide an effective solution!

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Our Professional Termite Control Treatments

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Trelona® Bait Stations. Here at Friendly Pest Solutions, we utilize the Trelona® ATBS® Advance® Termite Bait System in our professional termite control services in order to provide the highest level of termite defense for our customers. In fact, this baiting system is proven to attract termites more quickly and effectively than many other underground termite baiting systems.

During your initial service visit, one of our highly-trained technicians will install these bait stations in strategic locations around your property (about 10 to 20 ft apart) by digging 2 1/3 to 3-inch diameter by 1 ft deep holes in the ground then placing the bait stations inside. When the termites come to feed on the active ingredient in these stations, they leave a pheromone trail behind, leading other members of the termite colony to the source; the active ingredient used in the Trelona® ATBS® Termite Bait System, Novaluron, prevents termites from molting, effectively eliminating the entire colony. After installation, your technician will come to inspect your stations once per year, or as needed.

With this highly effective termite baiting system, we can create a lasting barrier of year-round termite protection around your Tampa Bay area home to eliminate invading termites and protect it from future infestations. Lastly, this system allows for flexible termite monitoring, ensuring that if there is any new termite activity on your property, you'll be notified and immediate action will be taken to eliminate them.

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Termidor® Treatments. At Friendly Pest Solutions, we're also Termidor® Certified Operators and offer conventional termite treatments using Termidor® liquid treatments, America’s #1 termite defense product! Termidor® utilizes an advanced non-repellent liquid technology that is undetectable to termites, meaning they will come into contact with and ingest the Termidor® without realizing the threat it presents to them. Not only will this eliminate the termite workers that come across it, but due to the transfer effect of the Termidor®, the active ingredient will be spread to the rest of the termite colony as well, resulting in complete elimination of the invading termite colonies on your property.

After your initial termite control treatment, regular follow-up visits as well as additional inspections and monitoring by your pest management professional is required to make sure that the Termidor® treatment continues to be effective at eliminating the termite colonies on your property and that your home remains termite-free.

Tent Fumigation. When it comes to drywood termites, tent fumigation is the only guaranteed remedy as fumigation penetrates all of the wood in your home, eliminating all the termites hidden away within your walls. Unfortunately, homeowners often only decide to invest in tent fumigation after they’ve spent time and money trying to solve their termite problem with spot treatments with little to no effect. For large-scale drywood termite infestations, we recommend investing in this treatment option.

Spot Treatments. If your drywood termite problem is isolated in a single part of your home, then investing in spot treatments may be a simpler and more affordable option for termite elimination. Before choosing to have spot treatments performed, we recommend having a termite inspection performed by a trained professional to determine the extent of your infestation. If your termite problem has become widespread or extensive, spot treatments may work to eliminate some of the invading termites in your home, but not all of them, and you’ll most likely need to seek an alternate method of termite control in order to effectively resolve your termite problem such as tent fumigation.

Trelona Annual Bait Station

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a termite bait station

This Trelona Annual Bait Station was photographed by one of our service consultants while performing her termite bait inspection one month after installation. While random foraging in search of a food source, Subterranean termites found this Trelona Annual Station, fed, and then left a pheromone trail behind as they traveled back to the colony. Termites then share the bait with others and recruit more to follow the pheromone trail back to the source. This begins the process of colony elimination.

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When it comes to dealing with termites, the best defense is always a good offense. When you partner with a professional pest control provider for year-round termite protection and take the preventative steps to deter these wood-destroying pests, you'll never have to worry about whether or not termites are eating away at the structure of your home without you knowing. If you're looking for a quality termite control plan to protect your home and property from termites all year long, reach out to Friendly Pest Solutions!

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