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Just a short commute to Tampa, the community of Brandon, Florida, is the ideal place to live if you work in the city but want to live in an area with a little less hustle and bustle. Brandon’s great schools, friendly neighborhoods, and reasonable housing costs make it a fantastic place to settle down and raise a family. It’s also a wonderful area to choose if you want access to Florida’s beautiful beach communities without living in the middle of a tourist town.

Like the rest of Florida, Brandon experiences dry, mild winters and rainy, hot summers. These conditions draw many people to our area, but they’re also the conditions that attract a lot of pests. Hillsborough County pest control is a necessity when you live in this area. Friendly Pest Solutions provides the services Brandon home and business owners need to keep their property free of pests that can move in and cause problems. With an office right here in Brandon, our local experts understand your pest-related concerns and will deliver efficient, friendly, and professional service to you.

Residential Pest Control In Brandon

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When you live in Florida, it’s only a matter of time before some type of pest finds its way onto your property or into your home. If you’ve thought ahead and already have a pest control program in place, you know you don’t have to worry about the pest problem going any further. If you don’t have pest protection, it’s essential that you take action quickly to prevent a pest issue from growing out of control.

The home pest control Florida homeowners are looking for, whether you want preventative services or treatments to stop pests that have moved into your Brandon home, is available from Friendly Pest Solutions. As a family-owned business, we know how important it is to you to protect your family from anything that is a potential threat, and we do everything in our power to keep your family safe from pests. Using a seven-step safe and environmentally friendly system to stop pests from infesting your home, our friendly and experienced technicians deliver the high-quality, professional residential pest control services in Brandon you need.

Commercial Pest Control In Brandon

Brandon is a great place to run a business. Our city is home to commercial facilities in a variety of industries, and despite the many differences between a restaurant, a healthcare facility, or a school building, every business and industry has at least one thing in common: They all are at risk of a pest infestation.

Pests are harmful to any business they enter due to their ability to damage a wide variety of things, from equipment to inventory to your structure. They also spread illnesses, harm your reputation, and cost you substantial amounts of money. When it comes to your Brandon business, only the best commercial pest control company will do. That’s why you need Friendly Pest Solutions. As a business local to Brandon, we quickly respond to customer needs, whether that be the elimination of an active infestation, ongoing services to protect your business from pests, or a re-treatment to take care of an issue at no additional charge. As a business owner or manager, your focus should be on what helps improve your business’s success. You don’t want to spend your time on issues that can pop up. Let Friendly Pest Solutions take care of your Brandon commercial pest control problems so you can focus on what matters.

A Practical Ant Prevention Guide For Brandon Homeowners

Ants in Brandon are one of the most common pests. From ghost ants in your kitchen to fire ants in your yard, these little pests range from harmless to dangerous, which is why it’s best to avoid an ant infestation of any kind. No matter what species of ant finds its way onto your Brandon property, it will cause problems of one sort or another, so it’s best to keep your house ant-free. However, this can be easier said than done.

Our ant prevention tips can help you in your quest to keep ants out of your house.

  • Keep your kitchen clean. Typically, ants are attracted to homes while foraging for food. By cleaning up after each meal and not leaving food or dirty dishes out on the counter, you’ll have a smaller chance of an ant infestation.
  • Clean out your cupboards. Even if you clean up after yourself in the kitchen, just one unnoticed spill in a cupboard or pantry can lead to an ant infestation. Check your cabinets and pantry frequently to clean up any messes.
  • Seal entry points into your house. Ants need a way to get into your home, so sealing as many entry points as possible will help deter them.
  • Eliminate water sources. Like any living thing, ants need water to survive. Eliminating water sources in and around your house will help prevent an ant infestation.

If you still find ants in or around your house, Friendly Pest Solutions can help. Our highly trained technicians will identify the ant species in your house and provide the specific ant control services necessary to stop the infestation and prevent it from returning.

How To Tell If Your Brandon Property Has A Termite Problem

Termites may be small, but they cause big problems for Brandon homeowners. Once inside your house, they’ll eat through any wooden items they can find, even if those items are the elements of your home that keep it standing.

Knowing how to find evidence of termites is helpful for everyone who owns a home because termites often spend months or years in a house before being noticed. If you can identify a termite problem early, you can stop it before major damage is done. How do you tell if your Brandon property has a termite problem?

  • Look for mud tubes. These pencil-width tubes are usually along foundation walls.
  • Inspect all exposed wooden elements of your house to look for damage or holes. 
  • Check below the wooden elements of your home to see if small piles of a sawdust-like substance called frass are present.
  • Open and close your wood-framed windows and doors to see if they stick at all.
  • Check for bubbling paint or wallpaper.
  • Look for buckling, bulging, or sagging in your walls, ceiling, and floors.
  • Keep an eye out for piles of discarded wings.

Contact Friendly Pest Solutions immediately if you discover any of these signs in or around your Brandon home. Even if it turns out that termites are not present, the best course of action to avoid their damage is to have ongoing termite prevention. Our experts will provide the treatments you need to stop active termites and protect your house from new infestations. Reach out today to get started and to learn more about our termite control services in Brandon.

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